Luminis Sphaera: Interdisciplinary Performance Group

Luminis Sphaera is an ensemble founded to explore the process of creating a non-hierarchical interdisciplinary performances. The group creates a dialogue about the roles and interaction of different disciplines within a modern operatic and artistic framework. Luminis Sphaera seeks to create a common language and integrated practice for developing pieces that allow for improvisation and fluidity for the performers between métiers.

Each Luminis Sphaera piece begins with an astrophysics theorem as a central theme. Building on the inspiration from the theorem, the group engages in a series of workshops to establish a common vocabulary and develop the score for each element of the piece.  While the graphic scores create a structure for the pieces, they leave room for group improvisation within each performance.  Each show is different, drawing on the shifting energy within the group and audience.

As technical director and producer for each performance, my role in these projects ranged from Lighting Design and light board operation, to projectionist and programmer, costume designer, dancer, and vocalist.

Ferrum (Stellar Evolution)

Ferrum premiered at the Ruhrtriennale at PACT Zollverein in Essen, Germany. The performance score draws from the life cycle of a star and the creation of Earth’s common elements in that fiery furnace. This subject matter was chosen to reflect the previous life of the Zollverein complex as a massive coal mine and refinery.

Uniform Gravitational Field

Luminis Sphaera was chosen to exhibit a piece for CalArt’s 40th Reunion Gala. We created an installation and performance for a small gallery space meant to be entered and experienced as an immersive experience for the audience. Viewers could choose to watch from the doorway or enter the space and became gravitational focal points for the performers. In the absence of viewers, the performance would enter a resting state, interacting with each other and the environment.



Dark Matter

The first performance of Luminis Sphaera was built from a score arranged around the strange effects of dark matter underlying and warping the observable universe.  The performers donned sculptural LED costumes and entered a world of large scale projection, paper spheres, and dim light bulbs.