Explorations in Stereoscopy

The following projects are experiments in creating stereoscopic 3D footage using a variety of techniques for capture, conversion, and display.

Anaglyph conversion for viewing compositions in 3D

These compositions were created in Photoshop by shifting the channels of the source images to create the red/cyan separation necessary to impart the illusion of depth.


Prototype Stereo Camera Mount: Test with two Canon 5Ds, edited with CineForm and Final Cut Pro, Presented in Red/Cyan Anaglyph.

Prototype Stereoscopic Camera Mount

This DIY rig is an attempt to design a device that allows stereoscopic footage to be produced on a small budget. The materials for this design (not including cameras) cost $50 with materials available at the hardware store and the manufacturing expertise of drilling a few holes. I wanted a quick and easy way to generate live-action stereo footage so I would have a variety of hands-on experiences in the workflow of the stereoscopic process.

There were some problems with control of image skew, and towards the end of the shot, metal fatigue. The rig was also too off balance to be mounted to a tripod safely. Most of these issues were correctable in post-processing. They will be addressed in the next iteration of the rig so the post process doesn’t have to be as labor intensive. The next goal for this project is to develop an accurate but still easy-to-use and inexpensive rig for mounting a wide range of commercially available cameras.


Anaglyph Conversion: Double-Sided 4-Color Process Print on Acrylic

The following images are of a 4-c0lor process screen print edition on a ground of 1/4″ clear acrylic.  I separated the layers that made up the Photoshop composition of one of my above anaglyph images and made two physical layers of the four( CMYK) channels  of the  Red/Cyan anaglyph digital photograph.  I burned a screen for each color of each layer (8 in total) and mixed the process inks to a very thin, transparent consistency.  The result is a transparent print that is a working stereo anaglyph image.