Dream of a Fixed Escape (2012)

Data (2008)

The animation for “Data” consists of several layered images of a spindle of writable CDs moving in response to the rhythm of 19 Ghosts III.  This animation is an early experiment in matching visual movement with musical impulse.  I timed the movements using the waveform of the audio track.


Urban Wilderness (2008)

Visual interpretation of 25 Ghosts III and a submission for the Ghosts Film Festival. The song itself has sparse distinct melodic elements layered over a dense drone of background static, bells, and electronic noise. My challenge in creating a visualization piece was isolating the way the separate elements add to the tone and emotion of the song and trying to recreate that effect visually. The waveform of this particular audio track features very few recognizable events due to the background noise that spans most of the frequency spectrum.  I relied on the spectral frequency diagram of an FFT to find the transitions and relevant audio events to trigger the elements of the animation.


Growth Cycles: a Cinetrope (2011)

The animation in this piece is created by lining the frames of the animation up on a strip of paper and affixing them to a spinning cylinder.  The principle is similar to that of a Phenakistoscope or Zoetrope, but the shutter effect is created using the rapidly moving shutter of a Canon 5D digital camera instead of physical slits.  As an object in an installation, these “Cinetropes” are viewed either with a camera and projector, or a pair of flickering stereo LCD glasses.